More than 139 years of quality

Since 1883 we have been producing high quality jacquard fabrics together with our suppliers and customers. This is something we are proud of!


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Managing Director

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Head of Production

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The road to success


Establishment of the company

Richard Seidel (weaver) sets up his own weaving mill in Elsterberg/ Friedhofstr. Elsterberg is a center of the German textile industry at this time.


During World War 2

War production! Many weaving machines were moved out and placed in adjoining rooms to be able to assemble airplanes.


After the end of war

Elsterberg belonged to the Russian occupation zone. On 12.04.1948 Hugo Stompe was expropriated by the Soviet Military Administration in Germany (SMAD) because of war production and a trustee was appointed.


New foundation

VEB Textile factory Elsterberg


The reconstruction

Establishment of socialist production conditions as a company of the Association of People-Owned Enterprises (VVB) Cotton and Linen Weaving Mills. From 1960, the VEB Textilwerke Elsterberg became a full-scale operation due to the affiliation of further plants, e.g. Netzschkau, Mühltroff, Hohenleuben, Pausa, Rodewisch.


Founding of VEB Wäscheunion

Founding with 3 partial operations, some of which were fully integrated

  1. VEB BW-factory Mittweida,
  2. VEB Damask weaving Oberoderwitz,
  3. VEB Textile factory Elsterberg

largest bed linen producer in the GDR with a total of 6,000 employees.

Due to a lack of financial resources for investments to increase productivity, labor from Cuba, Mocambique, and North and South Vietnam was used in part.


After the reunification: Foundation of ERTEX GmbH

The Treuhandanstalt is a 100% shareholder.


Production relocation & redevelopment

  • 1991/92: Uncertainty about liquidation or ability to restructure
  • Development of several redevelopment concepts
  • In Dec 1992 finally confirmation by the Treuhandgesellschaft in Berlin
  • 1993/94: Planning and implementation of the relocation of production from Elsterberg to Rodewisch



  • Completion of the relocation of production to Rodewisch and closure of production in Elsterberg, Friedhofstraße plant.
  • Implementation of the confirmed restructuring concept under the leadership of Schröder und Partner Management GmbH & Co. KG
  • Start of production in Rodewisch with 40 weaving machines in 3-shift system, 4 million euros turnover achieved
  • 1995 Introduction of the 4-shift system (rolling week) Annual turnover of 6.4 million euros


Ertex is acquired by Peppermint Holding GmbH

  • Change in sales structure, production without own bed linen collection, increased entry into raw fabric sales and thus order-related production
  • Positive result achieved for the first time
  • Start of apprenticeship training with 4 apprentices for the first time in the professions of textile machine and plant operator, textile mechanic and industrial clerk (m/f/d).



First capacity expansion by 8 wide and narrow rapier weaving machines (Somet) Increase by approx. 400 tlfm per year

seit 2000


Loomdata with real-time display as standard


Continuous capacity expansion

by investing in modern technologies


Founding Ertex International

Construction of a further production site in Romania on a greenfield site, start-up with 64 weaving machines


Replacement of the weaving machines

In Rodewisch, automatic weaving machines built in 1993 are replaced by the latest air-jet weaving machines (Picanol), increase of approx. 700 tlfm/year.


Another stage in construction

  • Full start-up of Ertex International (Romania), production with more than 30 weaving machines, sales increase to approx. 19 million euros in total
  • Fundamental reconstruction and refurbishment of the administration building in Rodewisch incl. the sanitary facilities of the production departments


Investment in new weaving technology

In Rodewisch, the air conditioning system is renewed and old weaving machines are continuously replaced by new air-jet weaving machines, including 3,500 nominal width

2013 - 2016

Expansion of production in Romania

  • Construction of a hall for a further approx. 4000 m² of production area
  • Today's expansion stage of 89 airjet weaving machines and two air conditioning systems

2016 - 2020

Construction of a second production site in Romania

  • 2016; Purchase of a commercial space for a new location
  • 2017: Project New construction of a weaving mill with a production area of 8,500 m²
  • 2018: Start of construction
  • 2020: Start of production with 52 weaving machines


Renewed technical investments in Rodewisch

New sizing machine, new warper with V-creel


Final expansion stage realized in Codlea

Weaving preparation with two warping lines with V- creel and one sizing machine, weaving room with 104 air-jet weaving machines with Jacquard machine of the latest generation, air-conditioning systems for the weaving room and preparation

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